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Thursday, March 31, 2011

21 year old man arrested in Wisconsin for impersonating a High School student

Full story after he jump.

A Lafayette County man is under arrest, accused of lying to officers about his age just to stay in school.
The man and a woman, who police say posed as his mother, both face misdemeanor charges. But, it appears he lied to learn.
"They really have taken ownership of the town and want to be a part of our community."
Sgt. Tony Ruesga polices the Darlington community.
"Usually, I go through 500 business cards a year."
Hispanic himself, Ruesga has managed to connect with the city's Hispanic population.
"I hand them out if I don't know which Hispanic is who... "
Sgt. Ruesga met 21-year-old Elias Sanchez-Alfonso more than a year ago.
"Very mild mannered, very good person ... He was involved with the church here in town."
Monday, Elias was picked up by immigration after being arrested for obstructing an officer.
He's accused of lying about his identity -- posing as a 16-year-old and attending Darlington High School.

"He wanted to learn English," Sylvia Santacruz says.
She knows Elias.
"He's good people. He's friendly," she says.
Police say Elias enrolled in January of last year.
The department began to investigate after getting a couple of tips, at least one of them from a member of the city's Hispanic population.
"They will give me any information they think is necessary to maintain a comfortable and secure community."
Ruesga says it seems the Hispanic community has mixed feelings. Some sympathize with what Elias was trying to do but some also believe he went about it the wrong way.
"I think most people understand where it went wrong was when he lied."
Local people say Elias was living here with this woman, who's facing a misdemeanor fraud charge.
Police say she pretended to be his mother. But investigators also say both Elias and the woman told police they didn't know the consequences.
"I like him... good boy," Santacruz says.
Police plan to refer charges of obstructing and fraud for Elias.
The school's principal says he was well behaved with good attendance.
The woman has a son, who police say was posing as a brother to Elias and attends the same school.

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