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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chicago Roller Derby Girls to Allow Transgender Players

Looks like there is going to be a crescendo effect after the PGA amended its rules to allow transgendered women to compete amongst their CIS gendered contemporaries. Now the roller derby looks to be the next sport poised to broaden its horizons.

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While it seems that some women's roller derby teams have allowed transgender women to join their league, the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby League is one of the first to take the step to adapt a formal inclusion policy.

The Windy City Times spoke to Bethany Johnson aka Meg Gyver, the league's marketing manager and only transgender skater who said, "We've yet to send out a formal press release regarding this, but we are very proud of the diversity represented by our league and we're glad that our league can be one of the leagues to formally create a policy allowing transwomen skaters."

"The Outfit adopted the policy because it was just time to have an official policy. The Chicago Outfit is an extremely queer-positive roller derby league. They had discussed this policy in the past, but there never seemed to be any urgency as they hadn't had any transwomen actively trying out," she added.

"For The Chicago Outfit, I think that having this policy is another step for our league to show how open and accepting of women from all walks of life we are. This policy also hopefully will help to continue the legitimization of transwomen athletes in this sport in other leagues throughout the country."

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